Team faux fur


"You cannot fake chic but you can be chic and fake fur."- Karl Lagerfeld

Temperatures raised again, leaving us around the zero-point. But this raise in temperatures does not make me love my warm and cozy faux fur coat any less. I have seen a lot of real fur up here in Finland lately, especially reindeer fur is used to fight against the cold, and sold everywhere from street markets to souvenir shops, but when it comes to fur as a trend, I definitely am on the animal welfare activists' side. Instead, for me, faux has been added as a prefix of the word fur.

Faux fur, being a chic and animal-friendly alternative to real fur, is not a new term in the fashion industry; instead, it established itself as a winter style classic. And the trend does not stop with faux fur statement coats; from purses and fur vests to posh skirts and dresses, plush collars and hats, you got plenty of options, and however you choose to wear it, faux fur sets a statement to your outfit and satisfies any style you’re going for. What has been worn to express a social status once, is now a fashion statement. Anyone can wear the stylish and guilt-free alternative to real fur, without spending a fortune.

I love to combine my Zara oversize coat with faux leather pants and a hat. I would combine it with heels, but I think you see the weather conditions.

Faux fur coat: Zara Hat: Lindex Bag: Liu Jo