Outfit | All-white outfit, statement bag & Chanel inspired slingback shoes


Uuuuh, it has been a busy month for me.. I can really say I have arrived in Malta now. I got so used to everything, and I guess it's a good thing that time is flying by so quickly, right? Can't believe there's already only one month left before leaving the island, heading home and moving to the UK. But before that, there is a whole lot of work left for me down here. Next to a bunch of fashion books to read prior to my postgraduate degree, I am currently in the final stage of submitting my Bachelor thesis, all that while working full time, but well, I try to keep calm, not to stress too much and simply give my best. The only thing I admit is still giving me a hard time here in Malta is the heat. You won't believe how hard it currently is to shoot half decent pictures, even at 6 pm in the evening. The sun is burning, and as soon as you leave your air conditioned bubble, the humidity just hits you. So no wonder that my latest outfit shoot was more of a play with light and shadows (so sorry for the bad lightning), as still the evening sun stands really high, and all of the sudden, within no time, sun has set. A shady, picture-worthy place during high season? Location scouting in the plain sun? Not during the heat period..


My new favourite statement piece was a true stroke of luck. Rumming through the last sales items left at Zara, I saw and fell in love with that bag, and, of course, I had to get one. As all-white is currently my go-for look anyway, I chose to combine my eyecatcher with a tone on tone look and a plaid skinny scarf. My Chanel inspired slingbacks round the outfit up.

Blouse: H&M Culottes: Shorts Shoes: Next Bag: Zara