Bonjour, Already Christian Dior used to say, "Perfume is the indispensable complement to the personality of a woman, the finishing touch on a dress." Perfume is a really important "accessory" of today's, but already yesterday's world, and its history goes far back into the past. But have you every wondered how the luxurious fragrance is made?

So this weekend I went to a place full of different smells, better said to the perfume museum in the middle of Paris. Only two steps away from the beautiful Palais Garnier the Fragonard parfumeur is settled down.


At the Fragonard museum, beautifully located in a Napoleon III building, you discover a wonderful collection of perfumery objects, that take you traveling through the ages, including very nice antique perfume bottles, toiletry sets, items used for the steam distillation process of perfume extracts, etc. Take a short trip back to the past and discover the history of perfume manufacturing.

Unfortunately, I was not allowed to do pictures in the museum. So those ones belong to the museum's website, and leaves you more room to go there and discover the history of perfume on your own. The entrance is free and totally worth a look. And of course you also have the opportunity to do a little fragrance shopping after your museum visit.



Fragonard - Le musée de parfum 9, Rue Scribe 75009 Paris, France

Picture credits: Fragonard