As winter approaches...


It's almost christmas. And seriously, who does not love this pre-christmas time full of joy and happiness? When I first started playing and singing "All I want for Christmas" mid November, everyone was just taking me for a fool, but finally, they are joining me. I love when the streets lighten up, i love the smell of the christmas trees, christmas markets, I couldn't name a thing I do not love about christmas. What I also love for christmas is.. snow! -of course. But, as much as I hope for a snowy christmas, the weather just stays grey and rainy most of the time. Additionally, as I live in the north right now, we do not have proper daylight anymore, and it got pretty cold, which limits my choice of clothing. But, even if I absolutely dislike this grey weather, I'm a huge fan of my new grey west by Topshop, especially in combination with my white, semi-transparent lace blouse. It's easy to combine and gives your everyday outfit the special something. Grey is without doubt my favourite colour to dress this fall/winter season.








West: Topshop Blouse: Costes Accessories: H&M


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