Blast from the past


I love the sunny late-winter days. They make me feel spring coming closer, even if I know that up here, spring is not coming yet.Waiting for spring, I added some colour into my - by black and white dominated - closet, and I recently discovered my love for pleated wide-leg pants. Being rather short, I never considered this kind of pant as an option for me, but lately I have been wondering why. Wide-leg trousers obviously made their comeback and I am no longer just looking at tall girls wearing them, I am starting to love them for myself.


I am not necessarily a pant kind of girl. But these ones are not only really comfy, but also look much more polished than their skinny colleagues. They are feminine and chic, yet also look classy and elegant.


You can also find a short video of this outfit on the Video section of the blog soon.

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