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First off, I am terribly sorry for currently being such an irregular blogger. But with work and my thesis, apartment search and other important things currently to focus on, there is not so much time left right now. However, I will get better, I promise! I recently moved to Europe's sunny island, Malta, with its crystal water and year-round sunshine. Trust me, after a year in Finland I really needed some sunshine. I started doing an internship over the summer, which is the last step of finishing my Bachelor's degree, before heading to London in September to start my Master's. I can't believe it's already that time; I feel like time just flying by so fast.


Me and my flared pants, a love story I never want to end.. I can say they kind of got like my signature piece to wear, especially these cropped, white ones I love to wear with basically anything in the closet. I have been asked about this blouse many times now, so, let me tell you, that this is just a normal, uninteresting blouse I wear to the office. But since I was not going to the office, and wanted to add a little something to my look, I decided to tuck the shoulders in and pull the sleeves up and Voilà, it's as easy as that.

Blouse: Zara Culottes: Zara Shoes: F21 Personal planner: Webster's pages

Pictures: Stephanie Xerri Agius