You wouldn't believe how many things have been going on in my life with moving to London, starting my full-time Master's degree and getting this new-university-work-private-life cycle up and running. But even I have made some new year's resolutions (Most of which I have broken within the first couple of days), BUT, between my resolutions of not to skip workout for more than 3 days in a row and to switch my phone to flight mode during the night, going back to posting more is high up on my list. And well, these past months have definitely been inspiring enough for me to have enough things to tell you peeps.. So, back in London after my Christmas break in Belgium, my second semester as a postgraduate fashion student is in full spate. And with London Fashion Week just around the corner, my next few weeks won't be any less busy. But I can feel the excitement already, and trust me, I am not going to let you miss out on that one, so be prepared guys!


If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen my beyond cute cress, which happens to be a frill top off Asos' tall collection, and I mean... Why not, being rather petite has to have some advantages, doesn't it? So, paired up with a turtleneck and overknee boots (Which by the way have become my best buddies and go-for piece since fall) it's become so ready for the rather chilly January temperatures.

Frill top: Asos Overknee boots: Zara Turtleneck sweater: H&M Clutch: Oasis

Pictures: Weronika Dorociak