When I started this blog around a year and a half ago, I had no clue where it would go and where my blogging journey would take me, as little as I knew about most things concerning my future. Above all, I had no idea how much blogging would contribute towards developing a "new me”, and would eventually grow into my passion.

A recent university project of mine involved thinking about my future career goals and aspirations, which was honestly one of the most challenging tasks I've ever received, and left me in front of a blank page for hours and hours; but, it engaged me to think about my past journey, about passions, growing from strengths and complementing weaknesses. So I started thinking about what blogging, and publicly sharing my personal thoughts has taught me over time.

To be honest, I haven't always had confidence in myself, and despite having been born an ambitious and hard working individual, I'd always had that self-doubting part of me, my perfectionism telling me I wasn't really good at anything. Blogging helped me in a way not only to embrace myself, but also to develop a voice, a personality, and while I'd always thought working your ass off to be the key to opening doors, I can now tell you that it leads nowhere without that little bit of faith and belief in yourself. Everything else will fall into place once you start believing in everything you can do. Even though I'd always loved to talk (about myself as much as about any other thing), I remember exactly how afraid I'd been of putting my first blog post out there, about who to share it with and what people in my surrounding might think, how they'd interpret what I was saying. The internet is, after all, a brutal place, where people know no bounds.. If only I'd known that a couple of years later, I couldn't care any less about these things and would be totally okay with the fact that there will always be people that dislike you, no matter what you do.

Next to believing in me, I finally had the guts to believe in my dreams and leave my home country "for good" to pursue the career I felt I'd always been determined to - Partly thanks to the people reading my blog posts and actually giving me a kick into the right direction by telling me they couldn't believe I'd been pursuing a career other than in the fashion industry, which gave me the confidence to send out applications to fashion schools -. I'd always known that, as much as I appreciate where I come from and love to return every once in a while, I'd never wanted to spend the rest of my life there, even though leaving my comfort zone behind still seemed like a scary thing to do "at some point in the future" back then. But I felt like it was the right time, and that I would totally be capable of breaking into an industry completely different to my previous educational background. I started to really care about what it was that I wanted to do, rather than what people in my nest expected me to.

Another thing I learned from blogging is how writing things down matters. Notebooks and diaries have since become my best friends, and I always carry my little scratch book around with me to write down everything coming to my mind I know I'd want to reference back to one day. Blogging forces you to think a lot, but sometimes, out of nowhere, something I think is worth writing down comes to my mind; feelings, inspiration, quotes, random thoughts. And I must say it is kinda therapeutic, and there's something fulfilling in writing stuff down - Which might actually be the reason my outfit category became my "style diary", combining my fashion journey and things going on in my life, like sharing my own personal diary -.

Blogging has also taught me to be proud of the smallest of accomplishments. I mentioned earlier that publishing my first post back then was a scary big step for me, so was my first self hosted website, but receiving so much positive feedback made me feel proud of something I'd achieved on my own. Today I know me and my blog would not be where we are without all the feedback and help from others. Chayleen gave me not only a place to share my thoughts, but also a new passion when I found myself struggling with giving up a big part of my old ones.



I recently found that beyond beautiful deep burgundy red coat by a Japanese designer, and it has since become one of my absolute favourites. I have always been the kind of person that prefers buying things I know not everyone owns - Au contraire, there's nothing worse for me than going to an event only to discover someone wearing that exact same piece I own, or worst case scenario, wear that day, and literally all of my friends know never to buy a piece I own, unless they want to make me angry.. So I guess that coat was another one of my lucky purchases. Again, there is nothing I love to combine my coat to more than a mini dress and my beloved overknee boats.

Coat: Japanese designer Assymetrical dress: Zara Overknee boots: Zara Bag: Oasis Earrings & ring: H&M Bracelet & necklace: Twice as nice

Pictures: Weronika Dorociak