It is no secret that I have a huge crush on everything Levi Palmer and Matthew Harding do. They are the masters when it comes to shirting, so in 2012, they decided to launch their brand Palmer//Harding around the timeless garment. They have since successfully reinvented what started as a white shirt every single season, with innovative silhouettes and intricate details, transforming the everyday wardrobe staple into a style statement. I had the pleasure of attending their AW17 presentation during London Fashion Week in February.



Set at the Mary Ward House in London, the Palmer//Harding AW17 presentation has been all about drama and rebellion. The collection pays homage to Levi's youth spent in Texas, which was dominated by the goths, a movement he felt connected to through his expression of rebellion and individuality. Staying true to their signature style, Levi & Matthew embraced that goth movement in their collection, turning their shirts into eye catching statement pieces through elements such as cape-backs, flowing hems and additional buttons along the seams, providing the wearer with the freedom to express herself by changing the way the shirt is worn. Innovating pattern cutting accounts for longer hemlines, open backs and wraparound details.



American cotton and fine wool are paired with plush velvet, wool crepes, voiles and leather to contrast shapes and redefine silhouettes. A sense of danger is added through strong jewellery intensifying the dramatic effect.

The colour palette, reflecting the cycle of dawn to dusk, ranges from black, white and evergreens to blue lichens, pink sunsets, and golden sunrises - A perfect mixture of drama and decadence, yet all leading back to Levi's nature surrounded past.


Image credits: Luca Tombolini