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Your closet holds more turtleneck sweaters than your phone holds contacts? Your wardrobe is overflowing, yet you find nothing to wear? Admit it, we've all been there.. And now that seasons are changing is not only the perfect time to invest in all the things on your Spring wish list, but also to make space to squeeze these new season favourites into the closet, by deep cleaning and tossing your not-so-favourites-anymore. While it might be rather overwhelming and stressful most of the time, and may not end high up on the list of fun-things-to-do, think of the satisfaction (Yes, it totally satisfies me having a clean closet) and all that free space for new things (Perfect excuse to go shopping?). I've got your back ladies, and some tips to help you de-clutter your life and get the job done in 4 easy steps.


And when I say everything, I mean it. Don't cheat, don't leave a pile out. Place it all onto your bed or sofa to get an overview of everything you own. Do the same with your shoes and accessories, don't overlook these. This all-encompassing view gives you a moment of self-reflection, enabling you to see how much stuff you actually have. It also sometimes give me new ideas of how to combine certain items in my closet. And just wait to be faced with these "Oh, I totally forgot about this", "Why don't I wear this?" and "Was I high when I bought this?" moments.


Now that you have everything lying down, go through your pile(s) of clothing, item by item. I prefer to create five piles: Keep, sell, donate, store for next season and alterations/dry cleaning. Be completely honest and ask yourself the "Have I ever/ Will I ever?" question. Does this fit? Does this still accurately represent my style? Is it still in a good condition? If you're doubting any of these at all, toss it. An item that has been in your closet unworn for a certain amount of time will most likely end up staying there unworn. And if you are struggling to get rid of clothes, I find it helpful to just take a few minutes to think of the type of person you are, and the type of person you want to be – what would this person wear? If you have clothes that don’t fit the person you are or want to be, then that may again be reason enough to declutter. As far as I am concerned, I follow the 1-year rule. So if I haven't worn a particular item in a season, it is likely that I am not going to wear it the following season, either, which means it moves to either my sell or donate pile. (And stop that "Oh but maybe one day..." argument - NO!). Seasonal items take up a lot of necessary space in your wardrobe. If your closet space is limited, consider storing these items in boxes, vacuum bags or a separate storage unit for them to take up less space and keep out dust. Go through your donation and selling piles. Make sure items are still in a good enough condition for people to wear it or else, throw them away. Decide which items you want to sell, and which ones you are going to donate. I like to sell my things on apps like Vinted or Shpock to make just a little extra money from the things I do not wear. I may not like them anymore, but another person might be looking for that exact item I want to get rid of. So why not kill two birds with one stone? (I don't have anything against birds, just to make things clear..)


Many people like the idea of a huge wardrobe full of clothes, but more is not always merrier. Do you really need a whole stack of striped shirts or black skinny jeans in your closet? While you may find yourself buying the same kind of item over and over again, trust me, you do not need a ton of it. Take a moment to really look at the items in front of you. Start by pulling out the most important items of each category. If you have two or more of a particular thing and you naturally choose one over the other, and hardly find yourself wearing the other, then the first choice should be your priority.

Also, do not keep clothes for a sentimental reason. Store them away if you really want to keep them, but don't waste space in your wardrobe holding on to items you will never wear again. You can "refashion" pieces if they still fit well and bring new life into the items you thought you'd never wear again, but be completely honest to yourself if that's going to cut the deal.

Oh and ladies, keep in mind that they are just clothes. Whatever you toss can have a great new life with someone else.


Now is the time to let out your inner Pinterest maven and get creative in re-organising your closet space. Organize everything by categories. While some people prefer to go by colour, I store by a mix or genre and colour, for me to be able to very quickly put outfits together. But that really just comes down to personal preference. You might as well go by functionality/ frequency of use or season. Utilise all the space you have available well; think about adding extra shelves or rails to utilise the top and bottom of the closet. If you are like me and do like most of your items hanging, it's always a good idea to invest in quality hangers. Do not underestimate the importance of proper hangers. Not only do the hangers last longer, but so do the clothes hanging on them. Only hang up what's ready to wear. Check your items for damage and dirt; iron or bring to dry cleaning if necessary. My last tip, try to stay as organized as possible and repeat these steps every season. You'll see that you'll constantly get better at it and it will take up less of your time by the end of each season.

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