One of my favourite things about London is of course.. the food! And the city is a real food paradise (World's best food city, anyone?). I always aim to discover new foodie spots when eating out, and value the dining experience I can get out of it. But having a ton of different food options can sometimes be hyper confusing. And especially for an occasion you want be sure to make the right pick. I listed my favourite spots to treat yourself to a nice dinner out in the city. From the train station gem to the best views in town, not only are these places special, but they're all as instagrammable as it can get. Get your dinner outfits out and treat yourself, you deserve it!  



Duck&Waffle is no secret location. Located on the 40th floor of Bishopsgate's Heron Tower, the Duck&Waffle experience begins in the scenic glass elevator showcasing a bird-eye view over the city.  While the British and European cuisine is served 24/7 in a modern ambiance, floor-to-ceiling windows are sure to make eating out a whole visual experience. Make sure to book a table well in advance (They take bookings up to 2 months in advance), as the restaurant is mostly fully booked. And in case you're not counting yourself amongst the lucky ones, you might still be able to get a spot at the no less stunning stunning bar area.




Panoramic views, stylish atmosphere, relaxed entertainment, the shard's Oblix has it all. Contemporary and sophisticated, yet relaxed dining experience awaits you on the 32nd floor of what is currently the highest building in the city. And it is impressive, trust me. Leave your gym trainers at home (They strictly operate a smart dress code) and jump into the excitement of the kitchen, putting the wood fired oven, charcoal grill and spit roast on the center of attention. Tip: Should you find the restaurant fully booked, ask for a table in their lounge, you find the same menu as in the restaurant and the ambience is equally stunning.


Bob Bob Ricard


Honestly, when I saw that not totally infamous "Press for Champagne" button for the first time, I felt that immediate connection with the place. Bob Bob Ricard is, above all, famous for their pink buttons (They're so hypnotic!). Located at the far end of Carnaby Street, the artsy-fartsy restaurant is anything but mainstream, and not just enjoyable for an afternoon tea, with their full on Russian-inspired Modern British menu. Comfy blue leather-upholstered booth and marble-esque table tops are only some of the restaurants "Roaring 20's"' inspired details. If you're looking to impress, this place is hard to beat! And who doesn't like a bit of glamour every now and then? Just give us the champagne, please!


Berners Tavern


Just off the busy Oxford Street, Berners Tavern, Michelin-starred Jason Atherton’s Modern British restaurant is located on the ground floor of the oh-so-glamorous London Edition Hotel. The restaurants interior impresses with ornate ceilings, opulent chandeliers and framed art covering the walls. Appealing dishes and elegantly dressed staff members make the experience even more memorable. Sunday brunch quickly became one of my favourites in the city, and the huge, lively bar located in the center of the room is not to be ignored (They do the best cocktails).


Searcys St. Pancras


To be honest, I would have never intended to dine in a restaurant located inside a train station if it wasn't for a pre-Paris treat, but an event made me discover Searcys, and upon discovery of this gem it became one of my go-to places in London. Located right next to the Eurostar platforms at the St. Pancras International, Londons most famous and international train station, Searcys Champagne bar is an eye catcher on its own, and a hot spot if you, like me, love to watch passerby make their way through the station all while comfortably leaning back and sipping on a glass of bubbly. The impressive choice of champagne on offer will satisfy even the most knowledgeable connoisseur. Quieter, the adjoined brasserie-like restaurant of the chain, making you feel like you've stepped back in time.