The keys to dressing in a heat wave


The weather literally has us screaming "I wanna take my clothes off!", and while we don't want to complain about summer actually arriving to the UK, it's just that little bit too much. Dressing in such times can be a little tricky, I know. Trying to come up with a look which is equally airy as it is appropriate and stylish is enough to make us sweat. I feel you, and I'm sharing with you my golden rules to dressing during a heatwave, helping you battle that meltdown on days where you can't just escape to the beach.


Choosing the right fabric is essential is you want to stay cool in the heat. I always see people wearing denim and complaining about feeling too hot. Denim is clearly a really bad idea during a period of heat, unless, say, a denim mini? Avoid synthetic fabrics, as well as silk and wool, that trap heat against your body by preventing warm air flowing out. Instead, opt for loose, natural cotton, your best friend in high temperatures. So are jersey and linen, absorbing moisture and allowing for air circulation.


I love all things roomy and loose in summer. Taking your clothes up in size not only gives you more room to breath in your clothing, but make you overall feel cooler. Trust me, the less fabric physically touching your skin, the cooler you’ll feel.


The easiest way to navigate a heatwave is one-stop dressing- pull on a pretty summer dress and you're good to go in one easy step. . look cool and clean while everyone else wilts. look stays effortless and not too revealing. Keep makeup minimal and hair sleek. Wearing as little as possible doesn’t necessarily mean you will be cooler. Covering up can actually help to keep you cooler by protecting your skin from the sun, essential if you want to stay cool in the heat. buy high quality fabrics, loose shapes and layer appropriately to keep it classy.


Avoid wearing greys, pastels, or other colours that sweat patches are more obvious on. If you do not want to miss out on these, try layering to cover-up potential visible stains. Prints can also work wonders at concealing sweat patches, so opting for florals or geometrics might be for you.


We cannot say it often enough, but next to keeping hydrated, don't skimp on the sunscreen, or else, unsightly tanning lines will be pre-programmed. And looking like a lobster really isn’t really en Vogue. Tip: Choose a sunscreen that's lightly tinted in addition to its SPF, giving you just a hint of a tan and makes you avoid that heavy foundation. And you’re better off without that anyway rather than with it melting down your face. Wear a lightweight hat for extra protection, plus they're a great style statement this season.


A crisp cotton dress and flat sandals are my uniform during the hot days – they're a chic starting point and easily adaptable to suit ones style. Plus, this one shoulder one does not just look great, but gives a nice breeze to my right shoulder.


Dress: ASOS Sandals: ASOS Sunglasses: Weekday Clutch: H&M