The Business Of Streetstyle


Fashions true influence is no longer just about what's being shown by big names on the runways of the major fashion capitals, we all know that. City streets have in fact taken over and become the "real" runways of the world. What people wear off the catwalk seems to get far more attention these days than what's going on on the runway. Has Streetstyle really become more important than the actual catwalk?
Personally, I have to say I feel that bit of excitement every time I step on to the streets during Fashion Week season. Even if not attending shows, simply spending my time strolling along the streets gives me that kind of satisfaction I want at the end of the day. There's just so much to see.


Without a doubt, he business of Streetstyle has become a multi-million dollar business. Key players like Olivia Palermo have certainly helped to achieve this status. Who is wearing what, and what can we get out of it? Streetstyle photography alsone has become a hugely saturated and competitive market. The majority of fashion months' coverage is not of the clothes on the runways but the (sometimes ridiculous, we get it) ones worn by people attending the shows.


It seems that all it takes is a bold sense of style and that little bit of photogenicity, a name is always helpful, and the ability to make an entrance with confidence and there you go, a Vogue worthy picture. Fashion bloggers know how to play that game and profit from their personal styles. Just another form of individualism turning into commercialisation? Websites like Who What Wear have made it their signature to update their readers with the latest trends from on the streets. In addition to that, companies make money giving advice to people on how what to wear to be original, stand out from the crowd and ultimately, make a lasting impression. Where is that business heading to from here and more importantly, what's coming next?