The 5 things we never ever wear to the airport

For us, traveling is much more of a pleasure than a sole mean. When we were younger it was this exciting summer vacation we couldn't wait for. A few years later, the reasons have changed but the joy stayed.These days we spent a lot more time on airports, traveling to see our loved ones, exploring new cities or to pursue our careers. We are constantly buying plane tickets, packing bags and we spent a fair amount up in the air. But we don't want to sacrifice comfort while navigating through the airport jungle, and had to experience first hand what to wear while traveling and what not, to make the trip as smooth as possible and don't spend unnecessary time at the security check. There is definitely a list of airport looks to avoid and we will share it with you today. If you avoid these items and live by a few simple rules, your next journey will go so much smoother.


Metal jewelry

Save yourself a lot of nerves and time by not wearing your fave metal jewelry. I know it hurts but you will thank yourself at the security control. You might look cute, but trust us, awkwardly putting off all your charms won’t take you places.

Be aware: There can be lots of metal in your shoes as well, so opt for some chic sneaker to get you through the boarders quicker without compromising on your style.

Maxi skirts

Hands down, one of our favourite summer and transition pieces but maybe not our first choice when travelling. How many times did you have to hurry in order to catch a flight or to find your gate? In situations like this you need maximum leg freedom.

Once you made it to you seat in the plane, don’t hope for any salvation either. Almost always you have to wrestle yourself to your seat. Standing up and sitting down, climbing over your neighbours and then gracefully eating your snack will be so much easier when forgoing the maxi. And let’s not get started on using the restroom...


Same story as with metal jewelry but boots are especially unhandy on long-distance flights. Smelly and sweaty feet are inevitable and won’t be a pleasure for your neighbours. So be easy on yourself and others and go for a pair that will let your feet breath.


The belt. It is definitely one of our favourite accessories but we are intelligently stepping away from it once we are travelling. It might not only be unhandy during your whole journey yet it might cause some pain as well (think airplane food and tight pants). Better choose some flowy pieces and step away from tight clothes in general.


Don’t get it wrong – a little bit of make-up never hurts. However, airplane air is quite stressful for your skin and will cause imperfections on its own, so you should not enforce it by wearing layers of foundation. Smudged eyeliner and your lipstick all over your face aren’t classy either. So go by the saying „less is more“ and put on some mascara and bronzer to look fresh but never overdo it!