Transition your wardrobe to fall


It's September, which means the summer is slowly coming to an end. While the average temperatures are definitely dropping, we don't want to put away our summer clothes just yet, as we might still be glanced with a couple of hotter late-summer days even in September. Getting dressed on an inter-seasonal morning becomes somewhat more challenging. Keep scrolling to read our keys to the perfect summer-to-autumn wardrobe.


Layer, but keep something bare

No one wants to be all sweaty halfway through the day, yet freezing once the sun starts going down. Layering is the key here. It adds warmth to skin-baring pieces and gives those slip dresses and off-shoulder tops a little twist, by pairing them with thin turtlenecks or button-downs. Hint: Show a bit of cleavage by keeping something bare. My legs hardly ever feel cold, so I tend to keep them bare and tight-free for as long as I can. Summer isn't totally gone, after all.

Pair with darker colours

A change in color palette and the incorporation of darker color sand warmer tones can easily shift your closet from summer to fall. Even if I still opt for lighter colours during early-fall days, I choose an ivory or cream tone over a crisp white, and pair my summer pieces with darker transition pieces or accessories. Even a bold dark lipstick can go a long way and add a huge statement to your look. I rely on monochrome combinations as well, they always feel right.

Be ready at a moment's notice

Changing seasons means precipitation is predestined. It can rain any time during the day, and mostly it happens without warning when you need it the least. Make sure you're prepared, by adjusting your styling game to the changing climate. For me that means pulling my hair back into a ponytail and making sure my makeup stays on point should we be welcomed by a rain shower.

Invest in staples

As temperatures increasingly drop, set the focus on practical wardrobe staples that are always worth the investment. You'll wear these on a daily basis all fall long and even through to winter. Start with your coats and shoes and work around those pieces to create your look. Don't know where to start? Find some of our staple pieces on the shop.



Pipe detailed jacket: Very Skirt: Topshop Top: H&M Boots: ASOS Bag: ASOS