Online shopping like a pro - Our top tips


Who else’s email inbox is currently overfloating with their favourite online shops'  Christmas newsletters ? Ours definitely is. Well, admittedly, it always is. However, the weeks lining up to Christmas increase the information overflow and the limitless offers we get. As a consequence, it is easy to get lost in all of them boots and jewels and it gives us quite a hard time on staying focused on what we actually want to invest in. To give your heart (and wallet) a break, we have compiled a list with the best advice we would give our closest friend in order to make the right decisions when it comes to online shopping.


Write down on what you actually want and prioritise your search

You are simply on the hunt for a nice pair of jeans but then you browse through all of those skirts .. and dresses .. and haven't you wanted to treat yourself to a new coat for such a long time? We’ve all been there! But writing down what you actually need and prioritise those pieces will help you keep your focus on and ensures you will end up with this specific pair of boots you have been looking for all along.

Uninspired? Seek inspiration from your favourite bloggers

They are called influencers for a reason.. When not sure what to invest in or where to start with your long desired wardrobe update, just dedicate some time to scrolling through your favourite influencers' Instagrams to find out where they are spending their money. Who knows, you might be introduced to some new jewels?

Online shops have blogs, too!

The fastest way to get to know an online shop you just came across is to just take a look at their own blog. You will not only learn about their tone of voice and how they position themselves, but you will also get a feel for their latest arrivals, including styling suggestions to give you an idea of how your latest purchase could potentially be combined.